About Us

Due to the past success of brothers Scott Saunders and Kye Maclennan and after many years of learning the best methods online for generating leads and building clients with tried and tested processes, they decided to share their knowledge and expertise for other businesses who wanted to increase their success.

The reason we are called SKYEINC is because their mother would get them mixed up when calling one of their names of which she would say "SKYE" (Scott/Kye). The business duo felt this name described what they do well as they have always stated that the skies the limit!

The pair are behind the success of:

Payroll-Supermarket.com // New niche industry within payroll

Umbrella-Deals.co.uk // Umbrella company specialist broker service

iGrams.co.uk // Social media management

Comparetheboiler.co.uk // Comparing boiler services

SKYE rocket your business to reach new heights!


We know how important consistent and sustainable growth means to our clients, that's why we spend so much time learning about their business, service and customers to ensure we can assist in helping to catapult their business with our proven marketing and targeted advertising techniques.

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Why Us?

We have spent many years mastering our work and are experts in:


         Facebook Advertising

         Instagram Growth Management

         Google AdWords Campaigns


         Lead Generation


         Corporate Events


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40 Alexander House

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